Saturday, November 18, 2006

20 FAQs about our Organization, PATH:

1. Our weapon of choice: patpath
2. How we aim our weapon: sipath
3. Our preferred terrain: pathag
4. Our mode of reconnaissance: pathrol
5. What we say when it's enough: sapath
6.What ought to be for us: dapath
7. Our footwear: sapathos
8. Our gaskette: sapathilla
9. Our average physique: pathpatin
10.Our paradigm shift: lipath
11. A sure fit: lapath
12. Our favorite soup: lapath bathchoy
13. Our favorite merienda: patupath
14. Our desired virtue: tapath
15. When we can't bargain anymore: tapath na
16. The number of friends we have: apath
17. The number of enemies we have: apathnapu't apath
18. Our feared carnivore: pathing
19. Our mischievous side: pathaway
20. What happens to us when we don't stop this nonsense: pathay

Kayo, dear readers, may maidadagdag pa ba rito sa listahan? Gusto 'nyo ba itong...hmm, pathulan?

-- Bobby G


Blogger ugid said...

Tell me Bobby...

Did you already see something wrong in what the CPP was doing BEFORE they accused and tortured you for being a DPA?

If the CPP had not accused and tortured you:
a. Would you feel and believe the way that you do right now?
b. Would you have left the CPP-NPA?
c. Would you have denounced what they did?
d. Would you have formed PATH to vindicate the victims' names and help their families?

Or would you, like other CPP comrades, be defending the killings as necessary?

I wonder if you would have felt, thought and done any of the above. Going by your speeches, you swallowed and believed everything the movement told you. Before you were accused and tortured, you completely believed in the "rightness" of killing. Unlike you, I did belong to the NDF but never believed in killing to achieve goals. Yes, I would kill but only in self-defense or to immediately defend another human whose life is in danger.

Would I kill military or police personnel in retaliation? No, I would not. I would look upon that as premeditated murder.

Unlike you, I never believed in the infallibility of the movement. I believed (and still do) in fighting for people's rights, especially the rights of the marginalized. However, within a year of being "sworn in" to the movement, I immediately saw that it is without a soul. Early on, I've seen that it has no regard for people's lives, even those of its members. It is as corrupt and as capable of committing heinous crimes as the government it wants to replace.

11:44 AM


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